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FAO – WILPF Report for the Congress

Pubblichiamo di seguito un breve report sulle relazione fra la sezione italiana della Wilpf e la Fao in particolare l’impegno comune riguarda i temi della sovranità alimentare e dei cambiamenti climatici.
Wilpf presence within FAO is of outmost importance for our mission. Starting from the 1996 World Summit and the next, five years later, WILPF, together with other NGOs has given its support the radical change of the FAO politics and goal regarding world famine. FAO, opening to the civil society, has allowed NGOs to intervene in the COAG, CFS (committee on world food security), debates conferences establishing food sovranity , nutrition and the women’s protection in war zones. Our “Ad hoc Group” holds its meetings monthly in the FAO headquarter and together with other NGOs we plan and carry out proposal to bring to FAO committee. The fight towards multinational companies working in Africa, which favoured only a small part of the population, has been successful. As a matter of fact today, small local farmers are able to flourish in their own land creating a family agriculture run. Women request microcredit and organize themselves in small coop’s and local associations for ensuring access to the market. We are focused especially toward women living in war countries.

There are 500 millions farmers that work in the African land.

Another very important topic dear to “Ad hoc Group” is climate changes. For this the Group requesting FAO to intervene with its technical tools on climate issues such as the damage on the field caused by hurricanes and so forth. The ground grows dry and needs to be put back to cultivation right away. 

WE invite WILPF Congress in the Hague to indicate us future objectives and goals and that a report of the Congress will be sent to the site http://www.ahingos.org.



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Questa voce è stata pubblicata il 04/22/2015 da in agenda.

Antonia Sani (presidente)

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